PLEASE NOTE: If you placed an order and have not received your customization questionnaire, please check your spam/trash folder, as all questionnaires are sent within 48 business hours(Monday-Friday).  If possible please contact us with an alternate email, where we may forward your customization questionnaire.

If you have not received a reply to an email you have sent within the timeframe noted below, we have not received it. We always respond to emails in the timeframe noted below. If you have not received a response, please visit our Facebook page and submit a message to us through this venue by clicking on the message button on our Facebook page.

Mod Melon Creative is closed weekends and all holidays. Our Studio Hours are Monday-Thursday 11-6 and Friday 11-4.

Please allow 3-5 business days for us to respond to your inquiry if it is a new project inquiry. During peak times, response time may exceed this time frame and will be posted on our homepage. Current clients will still receive a response to support questions within 24 business hours and to new project requests within 48 business hours.

Please view our current turnaround for Made to Match and Pre-Made Items Here.

If you are using a Yahoo email address and have not received a response to your inquiry, please contact us via an alternate email as this is due to Yahoo's spam filtering.

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