Pre-Made Template Wordpress Genesis Child Theme Conversion Add On

Pre-Made Template Wordpress Genesis Child Theme Conversion Add On
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This product covers converting any of our pre-made e-commerce templates into a self hosted Wordpress Genesis Child Theme and providing installation services of that new theme into your self hosted Wordpress blog. You must have Wordpress installed on your own hosting server, as we can not install our themes to blogs.

Please note that due to differences in features between our approved carts and Wordpress/Genesis features, there may be variances from the e-commerce template preview for our approved carts and the finalized Wordpress Genesis Child Theme. Any page link areas that exist within the pre-made template will be converted to show Wordpress pages.

Below is a review of what is included with this conversion...

1. Convert chosen theme to a Genesis Wordpress Child Theme.
2. Create a Widgetized Home Page template for the home page photo and graphic elements(Widgets are controlled through the Wordpress Admin area under Appearance>Widgets). Customize the Home Page Collage Layout included with the template with your photo(s) and button titles and urls.
3. Install a contact form plugin(we use Ninja Forms). This allows you to add a contact us form to your contact page.
4. Install up to 4 Custom Side Bar Widget Graphic Headers. You will be able to let us know what graphic headers you would like and what content you would like below them(i.e. WooCommerce Product Categories, Informatin Pages, Genesis Search Box, Blog Archives, Blog Post Links, Blog Categories etc..). You receive up to 4 graphic title headers, but you can add additional widgets through your Wordpress admin area, but the title header will be styled as a standard text heading.
5. Installation of the finalized theme into your Wordpress blog(must be self hosted on your own hosting server, we do not provide themes for blogs).



1. Install the WooCommerce Plugin to your site and create a custom theme for the look of the WooCommerce buttons and accent elements. Does not include the setup of your products, categories, or personal settings for the WooCommerce plugin such as but not limited to-payment settings, shipping settings etc...

Please note that when you purchase this conversion listing, you do not receive both the website template and the Wordpress theme, you only receive the converted Wordpress Genesis Child theme. If you need the website template and the Wordpress theme you need to mark the upgrade option within the add to cart area, stating you need both the Wordpress Theme and the Website Template(for use with any of our approved carts). This requires two different templates and two different installations into the different software applications.

Please see our current turnaround schedule for templates with conversions...

*****You will still need to purchase the template you want to convert as well as this add on.*****
This listing does not cover changes to fonts, layouts, theme, graphics, or any other element, only the conversion of the pre-made template into a self hosted Wordpress Genesis Child Theme.
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