We have been providing pre-made themes since 2005. We have met many wonderful clients who have become friends and watched as your businesses flourished. It has become necessary to  make some significant changes to our product offerings. We have decided to no longer offer pre-made themes for our Mals Cart approved cart hosts. Going forward we will only be providing pre-made themes for the Shopify.com platform through our illoberry.com website.

If you have any issues reaching us via our main email account-info@modmelon.com, please forward your email to modmeloncreative@gmail.com or submit an inquiry via our website contact form.

We will still be available via this website to provide support and answer questions. If you are using one of our themes currently, we will still be available to answer questions, provide support, and perform maintenance if needed. modmelon.com will be our main website and blog where we provide you with resources, tips and where we are available to answer your support questions. We will also still be providing custom design services for the following platforms through modmelon.com.